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3 Construction Waste Disposal Options You Should Consider

While in the middle of a construction project or after completing a construction project, your business will need to identify the best waste disposal option that fits your job.

Since no two jobs are alike in size, scope, or location, you should determine the most efficient and cost-effective method for construction waste disposal on a job-by-job basis.

What Are the Best Options for Waste Disposal?

1. Recycle the Construction Waste

Recycling material is the optimal approach to disposing of construction waste. Choosing to recycle your construction waste is beneficial to the environment and can help reduce the cost of your construction job.

Recycling construction material reduces the amount of waste you need to handle during or after the job, which means greater profitability for your job.

To make the process easier, consult the City of Houston’s Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) to find nearby recycling centers for your construction waste.

2. Take the Construction Waste to a Landfill

Harris County has designated select landfills to accept construction and demolition waste. While we recommend recycling construction waste if possible, it may be more efficient to take the waste to a nearby landfill.

To find the closest landfill that accepts C&D waste and determine if that is the best option for your job, visit the Harris County Solid Hazardous Waste website.

3. Reuse the Construction Waste

Another option for construction waste disposal is reusing the material, either on a future construction job, to repair a damaged area at another location, or creating something new out of the material.

Reusing the material requires forethought at the design stage to find opportunities to extend the life of construction material after the current job. This is called designing for adaptability.

According to the EPA, reusing construction material is proven to help reduce environmental impact, conserve resources, and reduce costs.

Consider the Gainsborough Waste Transfer Stations

Gainsborough Waste can help you make the best decision on construction waste disposal for your specific job. If you decide to recycle the material, we can support your job at our Transfer Stations.

We are certified by the TCEQ as a Type V transfer station site for C&D dry waste (no food waste). On-site, we sort scrap metal, cardboard (OCC), concrete, and wood for recycling.

Our efficient and repeatable process ensures that for every four loads that come into our transfer station, only one load is transferred to a landfill.

To discuss your specific job, we are available 24 hours per day to take your call at 713-999-6178. You can also provide us with information about your construction waste disposal needs by completing this form or emailing [email protected].