Compactors are designed to handle permanent, high-volume waste in an efficient manner. This allows large volumes of trash and other waste to be compressed into smaller volumes, saving space and money.

Waste compaction is a good option for large facilities, heavy commercial customers, and light industrial customers. We offer both stationary compactors for dry waste and self-contained compactors for dry waste to serve the needs of grocery stores, schools, churches, hospitals, and distribution centers. Contact us today to schedule reliable compactor services.

Wet Waste Compactor
Wet Waste

Wet waste compactors reduce food and medical waste through compaction and compression in a liquid-tight environment. This type of compactor is an ideal tool to reduce costs, improve safety, and control sanitation of the trash-collecting space used by your business.


Wet waste compactors are ideal for restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, and other types of businesses that handle food or produce medical waste. Contact us today to discuss how we can provide reliable waste services to support your business or organization.

Dry Waste Compactor
Dry Waste

Dry waste compactors reduce waste through compression and compaction of large, bulky trash such as cardboard boxes. Over time, dry waste compactors help businesses save money by reducing their waste costs.


This type of compactor is ideal for retail stores, warehouses, and industrial plants. Contact us today to discuss how a dry waste compactor can positively impact your bottom line.