Celebrating 25 Years of Serving Businesses!

Gainsborough Waste is proud to celebrate 25 years of business serving the waste needs of companies in Greater Houston and throughout Texas.

What started as a two-person operation (Gainsborough Waste president Noble Carl and his wife, Anne Carl) has grown into one of the leading waste service providers in the industry.

How did we get here? We stayed true to our family roots, focused on providing optimal service for customers, and developed an experienced management team to support our owners.

Along the way, we worked hard to acquire our current 23-acre facility in Houston, where we have an incredible yard, wash bay, shop, and spacious offices. We also own and operate our own wastewater treatment plant and now operate two transfer stations.

Simply put, there is no competitor who has a better facility and the prime location to serve companies in Midtown, Downtown Houston, and the East Side.

“Twenty-five is a big milestone for us. Even throughout our growth, we have kept the environment of being a family company,” says Noble Carl. “Starting from nothing and growing over the last 25 years by providing the best service makes us really proud.”

Our Longest-Tenured Employees

  • Noble Carl (President, Gainsborough Waste)
  • Anne Carl (Corporate Market Development)
  • William Carl (Executive Team)
  • Jose Serrato (1998)
  • Miguel Uribe (2000)
  • Alejandro Garcia Morales (2000)
  • David Gibbs (2001)
  • Efrain Vazquez (2002)
  • Fabian Neria (2002)
  • Celia Valdes (2002)
  • Angel Gracia (2003)
  • Jose Lopez (2003)
  • Armando Munoz (2005)
  • Jose Olmedo (2006)
  • Cristina Figueroa (2006)
  • Jose Aguilero (2006)
  • Paul Espinosa (2006)
  • Alfonso Garcia (2007)
  • Jose Castillo (2007)
  • Anthony Rincon (2007)
  • Felicito Hernandez (2008)

What’s Ahead in 2019 and Beyond?

To continue growing for another 25 years (and more!), we will continue listening to our customers and utilize our facility, team, and resources to best serve your needs.

For 2019, we are planning three key initiatives:

Safety program: Safety will always be our No. 1 priority at Gainsborough Waste and Texas Outhouse. We recently hired Jessica Flores as our new safety manager. She will be responsible for developing and implementing an industry-leading safety program to support our drivers and other key personnel.

Luxury Event Trailers: We are planning to expand our service area for luxury event trailers to other parts of Texas (DFW, Central Texas, and East Texas) and into Louisiana. You can also expect to see new branding as part of our investment in this expanded service offering.

White Glove Pick-up: While the core of our business is serving other businesses, we also recognize the needs to utilize our waste collection capabilities to serve Houston-area residents. We will work directly with business managers or owners to arrange our “White Glove” Pick-up service for residents at your condominium, high-rise, or large apartment building.

We are excited to continue offering the best waste collection services in Houston to meet the changing needs of our city while also growing our capabilities to serve other regions.

Our company appreciates your support and business over the past 25 years. We hope to continue doing business with our long-time clients and new clients over the next 25 years and beyond! To find out how we can support your business or event with waste collection or portable services, please contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you!