Introducing Our New “White Glove” Pick-up Service

Gainsborough Waste is proud to introduce our new service offering to support commercial waste collection at Houston-area office buildings.

Our “White Glove” Waste Pickup Service is geared toward building managers who desire a solution to efficiently collect trash for their tenants.

Perhaps you are challenged by jammed trash chutes, trash dumpsters overflowing before each collection or a lack of space for front load dumpsters or roll-off compaction equipment. We are prepared to solve this issue for your building.

What Is Included in Our Waste Pickup Service?

Our team of “white glove” associates will collect waste from a centralized location/dock at your office building.

We will provide this service “after hours” on a set schedule. To establish the optimal time for waste collection, we will work with your building management team to gather as much information as possible before delivering the service.

Each team member will work efficiently and safely to manage waste collection during their time in your building. We will also ensure a clean environment and follow proper sanitation standards while on-site.

Who Should Enlist Our New Service?

We are equipped to work with building managers of existing establishments to replace or enhance your current trash collection process.

Also, we are prepared to work with new developments to install our service before you open the building. An additional benefit of utilizing our service is the opportunity to advertise our “White Glove” Waste Pickup Service in your marketing materials to attract new office tenants.

Contact our company today to find out how we can support waste collection at your residential building or office tower. We are available via phone at 713-999-6178 or via email at [email protected].