Gainsborough Waste handles door-to-door waste collection needs in the Greater Houston area through our “White Glove” Waste Pickup Service.

Our service is geared toward building managers and owners who desire a solution to efficiently collect trash for their residents and tenants. The service is ideal for:

  • Condominiums
  • Luxury Apartment Complexes
  • Office Towers
  • High-rises (residential, commercial, mixed-use)

Existing Establishments: We work with established buildings that desire a concierge-level waste collection solution. We support building managers that are challenged by clogged trash chutes, dumpster overflows, or a lack of space for front-load dumpsters or roll-off compaction equipment.

Future Establishments: We work with new establishments that are looking to embed front-door waste collection services into their building amenities package. There is also a great opportunity to include our waste collection services in your marketing materials to attract prospective residents and tenants.

What is Included in Our Waste Pickup Service?

Our team of “white glove” associates go door-to-door to collect waste from each resident or tenant. We will work with your building to set the optimal schedule for trash collection and help you communicate the new trash collection system to residents and tenants.

Each team member will work efficiently and safely to manage trash collection during their time in your building. We will also ensure a clean environment and follow proper sanitation standards while on-site.