White Glove Waste Pickup Service

Gainsborough Waste offers commercial waste collection for Houston-area office buildings through our “White Glove” Waste Pickup service.

Our team of “white glove” associates offers a reliable commercial waste solution for office buildings. We will collect waste from a centralized location/dock at your building. The service will be provided after hours, or at a convenient time for you. Our Customer Service team will work with your building management team to set the optimal time.

– Existing Establishments: We work with established office buildings challenged by clogged trash chutes, dumpster overflows, or a lack of space for front-load dumpsters or roll-off compaction equipment.

– Future Establishments: We work with new establishments looking to embed waste collection services into construction or design plans. There is also a great opportunity to include our waste collection services in your marketing materials to attract prospective office tenants.

* Note: Gainsborough Waste will work with residential high-rises, condominiums, and luxury apartment complexes if the waste is brought to a central location/dock.

Contact us today at 713-785-8050 to discuss waste collection at your building.