Waste asphalt pavement and concrete materials in a container for asphalt recycling

Asphalt Recycling Near Me

If you’re looking for a place to dispose of construction materials like concrete asphalt in the Greater Houston area, Gainsborough Waste has you covered. Whether you need to dispose of broken concrete, asphalt from a roadwork project, or excess asphalt from roofing projects, our Dump Site makes the process fast, easy, and convenient.

Learn more about why companies throughout Houston turn to Gainsborough Waste to find support for their building and construction projects, especially for asphalt recycling.

The Name to Trust for Concrete Asphalt Disposal

Dealing with construction debris such as leftover concrete asphalt can be tricky. When you need to find a location quickly to take this type of construction waste, you don’t want to have to deal with long, slow-moving lines that reduce the productivity of your workforce and cost you extra time and money. That might be the case at other locations, but not at Gainsborough Waste.

We strive for efficiency at our Type V Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Stations in Houston, and we make it easy to find a location within reasonable proximity of your jobsite. Our Dump Sites can handle certain types of solid waste, including concrete asphalt, and we offer a streamlined disposal process that makes it a breeze to unload and recycle unneeded materials.

Please note that because we are a solid waste Dump Site, we can only accept asphalt in a solid state (as opposed to liquid state) at our locations. If you have solid concrete asphalt that needs to be sorted, learn more about why Gainsborough Waste is the right choice for the job!

Benefits of Using Our Houston Dump Sites for Asphalt Recycling

Some of the top reasons to rely on us for materials recycling at our Houston area Dump Sites include the following:

  • Easy in-and-out process. Our dump sites are designed to keep everything moving right along, so you never have to worry about wasting tons of time in long, slow-moving lines.
  • Clean disposal area. With 100% concrete surfaces, our Dump Sites are clean and orderly. Unlike at other sites, you and your vehicles won’t get muddy or dirty when you come through to dispose of broken concrete and other solid materials.
  • Easy payment options. We accept all major credit cards and cash so that you can be in and out of our Dump Site quickly.
  • Two convenient locations. We offer asphalt recycling near you. We have a Dump Site at 950 McCarty Road off I-10 and Highway 90, and we offer another location at 5200 Egbert Street just north of I-10 in Midtown.
  • Materials sorted on-site. To dispose of concrete asphalt and other construction materials, bring them to one of our dump sites in the bed of a pickup truck or on a 12’, 14’, or 16’ trailer. Wear a hard hat and reflective vest while unloading your materials. Our team will then sort the materials on-site.
  • Committed to sustainability. We are proud to recycle the majority of the materials that come our way. We will do our best to recycle your asphalt in its given condition!

Call Today to Schedule Delivery at Our Houston Dump Sites

Don’t settle for less when seeking asphalt recycling. We are committed to providing safe, effective disposal options for recycled products and construction materials. We invite you to find out why Gainsborough Waste is the optimal solution for your construction debris disposal needs.

Call our office today at 713-785-8050 to schedule delivery of your construction and demolition materials. Or, get in touch with our team via email or through our website. You can count on us for fast, efficient disposal of construction materials.