A roofing contractor removing roof shingles and needing to dump them near him

Where to Dump Roof Shingles Near Me

Are you looking for a convenient and reliable place to dispose of roof waste in the Greater Houston area? If so, Gainsborough Waste has you covered on where to dump roof shingles near your roofing jobs.

According to the EPA, the U.S. produces upwards of 11 million tons of shingle tear-off waste per year, so there’s always a strong demand for roof shingle disposal sites. However, as a roofing contractor, you may be having trouble pinpointing a suitable place to dump the shingles and other roofing materials.

Many facilities make the process slow, unpredictable, and expensive, adding more stress and uncertainty to contractors’ busy lives. That’s why Gainsborough Waste is the name to trust for convenient roof shingle disposal in Greater Houston.

Utilize Our Dump Sites to Dispose of Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Our two Type V Dump Sites are approved by the TCEQ for the disposal of construction and demolition (C&D) dry waste, providing a one-stop solution for unloading many unwanted roofing materials.

When you dispose of asphalt shingles at our dump sites, you’ll be in and out quickly, secure in the knowledge that the vast majority of materials we receive go on to be recycled. Consider the types of roofing waste we can support.

Types of Roofing Shingles and How to Dispose of Them

Roofing contractors typically have tons of waste after performing roof replacements and other jobs. Fortunately, many types of roofing shingles are made of recyclable materials. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular roofing materials and how to dispose of them:

– Asphalt Shingles. As the most popular shingle material, asphalt contains composites that can be used to create other materials, including new pavement, hot-mix asphalt, and cold asphalt for patching. Asphalt shingle components like petroleum and aggregate can be recaptured and reused through recycling. The average number of asphalt shingles torn off the typical home can be used to pave around 200 feet of a two-lane highway. You can bring asphalt shingles to our Dump Site and we’ll handle the rest!

– Wood Shingles. Although not used very often anymore, wood shingles can be torn off and recycled as long as they haven’t been treated with toxic materials. These shingles are usually made of spruce, pine, or cedar – all types of wood that can be recycled or otherwise reused.

– Concrete, Clay, and Slate Tiles. Tiles made out of materials like concrete, clay, and slate are also good candidates for recycling. Depending on their quality and condition, they are sometimes torn off and reused in other roofing projects.

– Composite Tiles and Shingles. Tiles and shingles made of composite materials containing rubbers, polymers, and plastics are often considered hazardous waste. As a result, they aren’t usually recycled. If they can’t be reused, they generally end up in landfills. If you are working with this type of shingle material on your job, call us to discuss disposal options.

– Metal Roofing Materials. Not surprisingly, metal roofing materials like aluminum, steel, zinc, and copper retain a lot of value and are usually recycled or reused. Let us handle this type of roofing waste at our Dump Site!

Let Us Help You Dispose of Non-Hazardous Roofing Waste

When you need a place to dump roofing materials from a roof replacement project, bring your non-hazardous waste to one of our Houston area Dump Sites.

Why do Houston roofing contractors rely on our Dump Sites to unload asphalt shingles and other roofing materials?

  • We offer easy in-and-out service.
  • Each Dump Site is entirely paved with concrete to keep things clean and orderly.
  • We offer an easy payment process, accepting cash and all major credit cards.
  • You can contact us in advance to schedule a time to drop off your asphalt shingles and other waste, avoiding lines and other headaches.
  • After unloading your materials, our team will take it from there!

The next time you need to dispose of asphalt shingles and other roof waste, call Gainsborough Waste at 713-785-8050 to schedule a drop-off time at one of our Dump Site locations. You don’t have to search anymore for where to dump roof shingles near you. We are here to support your projects!