Welcome Back Liz Culver — Now Cancer-Free!

Gainsborough Waste and Texas Outhouse are proud to call Elizabeth “Liz” Culver one of our employees. Liz, who is an excellent customer service representative for our company, recently returned to full-time work after battling cancer.

Around the office, we know Liz as an outgoing, warm-hearted person who enjoys helping customers. She also assists with reporting reviews and metrics. Now, we also see her as a warrior!

The Strength of Liz Culver

Liz Culver joined the customer service team in November 2016. One year later, after winning her battle with cancer, she was declared cancer-free on November 20, 2017!

Liz required ongoing cancer treatments over the past year, but now she is back to her usual position providing great customer service.

To celebrate her return to work, the customer service team held a wonderful evening dinner celebration.

“I greatly appreciate the prayers and support from our company owners and co-workers,” says Liz.

We are glad to welcome Liz back to work. We know our company, the customer service team, and our customers are stronger because of Liz!

– If you would like to send Liz Culver a personal note, please find our email or physical mailing address on our Contact page.