Gainsborough waste industrial waste compactor

Rent an Industrial Waste Compactor to Save Space

Is your Houston business dealing with overflowing trash and waste piles? Renting an industrial waste compactor from Gainsborough Waste can help you take back control over your space. We offer both stationary and self-contained compactors to meet your needs and waste volumes. 

Here’s what you need to know about these vital space-savers for your business.

What Are Industrial Compactors?

Industrial compactors are strong machines that use hydraulic force to smash and compress waste. The force can shrink trash volume by:

  • 4:1
  • 6:1
  • 8:1
  • 10:1

By using a commercial compactor, you can fit a greater volume of waste in dumpsters.

Industrial trash compactors come in many styles and sizes to suit different business needs. These heavy-duty models range from smaller self-contained units to large stationary compactors. Both stationary and self-contained compactors offer space savings that can change how your company manages waste.

How Do Stationary Compactors Work?

Our high-quality stationary compactors are designed to stay outdoors. They usually feature a chute that connects to the interior trash room in your business. This way, your staff can easily send waste down the chute into the compactor unit.

The compactor uses a powerful hydraulic ram to smash and compress waste materials into small, dense bricks. Smashing into bricks means your dumpster can hold much more trash before needing to be picked up and emptied.

When your dumpster is full, our hauling team can empty it so you can keep using the compactor. Our team handles all the installation, maintenance, and any needed repairs.

Stationary compactors are great for industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities that generate a lot of dry waste.

Advantages of Self-Contained Compactors

We also offer self-contained compactors that are fully enclosed. The configuration lets you enjoy a waste system free of pests and vermin. Unlike stationary models, the compaction unit and storage container make up one piece of equipment.

Waste gets compacted directly into the attached enclosed container. When full, our team replaces the full container with an empty one. There is no need for you to worry about a separate dumpster.

Self-contained compactors can be moved around your property with a forklift. It’s easy to change locations to meet your business needs. This is why self-contained compactors are an ideal choice for schools, hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, offices, and other commercial businesses.

Rent and Save Money

Renting a compactor through Gainsborough Waste is more affordable than buying one. With renting, you get all the space-saving benefits without a major upfront cost. We handle delivery, installation, maintenance, and repairs — with no hassle for your staff.

Renting also provides flexibility to upgrade to a larger compactor. Or you can downgrade to a smaller one as your needs change over time. Either way, the decision to rent provides your business with needed flexibility.

How Much Space Can You Save?

The amount of space you can save depends on factors like:

  • The amount of trash you expect to generate
  • How often you need your dumpster hauled and replaced
  • What size compactor you choose

By compacting trash, most customers can cut dumpster pickups by at least half. For example, suppose that you fill your dumpster once a week. With a compactor, you can fit two or three weeks’ worth of compacted waste into that same dumpster at once.

Benefits of Compacting Trash

Beyond getting more space, compacting your facility’s trash and waste provides other benefits, including:

  • Lower hauling fees
  • Better odor control
  • Safer and cleaner waste areas
  • A cleaner and more professional facility

Proper waste management is key for any business. No matter your company’s needs, Gainsborough Waste has the right compactor solution for you.

Save Space at Your Business with an Industrial Waste Compactor

It’s time to consider compacting your waste to reduce hauling frequency, costs, and time.

At Gainsborough Waste, we can help you identify the industrial waste compactor that best fits your company’s needs. Call 713-999-6178 or visit us online to speak with a member of our team about renting a compactor today.