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How to Plan Ahead for Emergency Waste Disposal Needs

It seems counterintuitive to plan for an emergency. After all, an emergency is an unforeseen situation, oftentimes resulting in damage or an undesired result.

Instead, think of an emergency situation like this. While you cannot prevent an emergency, you can plan ahead for likely emergency situations to minimize the consequences.

One critical part of an effective emergency plan for a construction site, business location, or facility is having a plan for emergency waste disposal.

Planning ahead for how to remove waste build-up from your location will allow you to quickly move into action supporting other critical elements of responding to the emergency to minimize consequence.

How to Start An Emergency Waste Plan

Emergency planning is a form of risk management. A good risk management program starts with the critical first step of identifying risks that could lead to an emergency.

  • What are the internal risks such as the building structure, the layout of the facility, or construction materials?
  • What are the people risks such as the location of teams and the potential impact of dislodged materials?
  • What are the external risks such as the potential for extreme weather, flooding, or third-parties compromising the location?

While you may not be able to predict a building collapsing, a massive storm flooding a construction site, or an industrial facility catching on fire, you can create a plan to address each likely scenario.

Then, using the plan, you can strategize how to handle emergency waste disposal so that you can quickly address the aftermath of the emergency event.

What Does Emergency Waste Disposal Look Like?

Emergency waste disposal includes several support elements to expedite the process of restoring the location and protecting people:

  • Walk the location to gauge the impact of the emergency situation.
  • Contact local fire, police, or utilities to receive expert support.
  • Communicate status updates to employees and other personnel.
  • Write up the specific waste needs that you or your team identify.
  • Contact a waste services company to provide services at the location.

A waste services provider such as Gainsborough Waste can help strategize a plan to remove waste at the location. Having a firm grasp of the situation creates a better final result of expediting the waste management process. It also helps minimize consequence by allowing all involved parties to act quickly and in unison before there is further damage.

Our company serves the Greater Houston area, South Texas, and other parts of Texas during emergency situations. With our fleet of roll-off dumpsters ready to mobilize to your location, we can handle emergency waste disposal needs at construction sites, businesses, facilities, and other locations.

Our team is available to discuss your specific emergency situation and to strategize a waste solution. Contact us via our website form, email [email protected], or call 713-999-6178.