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Don’t Forget After Hours Service in Your Waste Plan for Outdoors Events

The band is ready. The crowd has assembled. The stage is set. You and your team put in a lot of hard work setting up an amazing outdoor concert or event.

Now the band is done, the crowd is filing out, and it’s time to tear down the stage and clear the space. Suddenly, you realize there is a lot of waste to be managed before you can officially clear out.

Since you’re a smart planner, you made sure to include waste services in your event management plan. But, you may be facing even more waste than you anticipated. Or, you suddenly have an earlier deadline to move out. That’s where After Hours Service can help fill the gap in your waste plan for outdoor events.

After Hours Service Saves the Day for Outdoor Events

One of the misconceptions about waste services is that there is no flexibility to schedule additional services. While it is critical to plan in advance for waste services to ensure the availability of roll-off dumpsters and drivers, there is flexibility to add on services.

Oftentimes, an event doesn’t come off exactly as planned. There are last-minute changes, more people attend the event than anticipated, or a crew member calls in sick, which hurts your team’s ability to keep waste under control during set-up or the actual event.

If your team is scrambling during set-up or the event, that will carry over to the tear down function trying to clear out of the space by your deadline. And, if your deadline is moved up in addition to being down a team member, you’re going to need support to fill the gap in your event plan.

Inquire About Our After Hours Service For Your Event

Gainsborough Waste is available to help manage your event waste needs. We offer flexible servicing schedules for event planners facing time constraints, excessive waste build-up, limited accessibility during daylight hours, or other logistical issues.

We will work with your schedule to service dumpsters at a time that is convenient for the needs of your event. While we are based in Houston, we are capable of providing After Hours service throughout Southeast Texas and into Central Texas.

Our customer service team is available with more information on scheduling services during non-traditional time windows. Contact us via our website form, email at [email protected], or by phone at 713-999-6178.