How Early Should You Order an Event Waste Management Service?

The size of your event and the number of people you expect to serve will dictate the timeline of waste management support. The key is making sure you do not wait until it’s too late to schedule waste services so that you can run a clean event without incurring unnecessary costs.

When is the Right Time to Schedule Waste Services?

First, evaluate the size of your event. Estimate how much waste you expect to produce during set-up, the actual event, and tear down, then estimate the number of people you anticipate serving. This will help you know how much time you need in advance to schedule the optimal number of roll-off dumpsters, portable trash cans, and related services.

Waste Services for a Large Event

Timeline: Plan 4-6 months in advance (or earlier).

For example, if you are planning a large summer event such as an outdoor Fourth of July concert or gathering, you want to start managing waste services in the first portion of the year. This will you get you to the front of the line scheduling roll-off dumpsters, ensure you have enough portable trash cans available, and anticipate any other waste services that will help your staff manage waste.

Waste Services for a Medium-Sized Event

Timeline: Plan 2-4 months in advance.

You want to make sure you give yourself enough time to accurately plan waste services for medium-sized gathering. From our experience, we understand that these types of events run on tight budgets with little wiggle room for additional costs.

If you wait until the last moment to schedule waste services, you could incur unnecessary costs either by over-estimating waste services (and paying too much) or under-estimating waste services (and incurring clean-up/damage fees).

Waste Services for a Small Event

Timeline: Plan 1-2 months in advance.

You may be expecting a small gathering of 50-100 people for an outdoor family reunion, a special event in your company parking lot, or a neighborhood fair. In this case, you likely only need one roll-off dumpster and a handful of portable trash cans spread across your space.

Service availability is typically not an issue. However, you need to give yourself enough time to fit waste services into your budget, schedule staff/family members to support set-up and tear down, and ensure logistical challenges can be met.

Work with Gainsborough Waste for Event Waste Management

Gainsborough Waste offers roll-off dumpsters in three sizes that fit small, medium, and large-scale events. We will work your team to coordinate waste management services to keep your event clean, in-budget, and on-time.

To discuss your specific event, our Customer Service team is available to take your call at 713-999-6178. You can also provide us with information about your event waste management needs by completing the form on this webpage or emailing [email protected].