3 Tips for Recycling Construction Waste

One of the last things construction managers typically think about is recycling construction waste from the site. However, we believe it should be one of the most important considerations for the job.

After obtaining a permit, agreeing on services, assembling a crew to perform the work, and actually performing the work, a critical step is managing the construction waste for recycling. Without a plan, the construction waste could build up on-site, delaying construction and causing you to incur unnecessary costs.

Manage Construction Waste With This Plan

Consider these three important ways to incorporate construction waste management into your construction plan.

1. Incorporate the Cost Into Your Construction Budget

One of the fastest ways to go over budget on a construction job is mismanaging your construction waste. We don’t want that to happen to your business.

During the planning phase, factor in the cost of managing the construction waste. You should set a budget based on the size and scope of the job to ensure that you have resources available to handle the waste.

This step will also give you the flexibility to manage unanticipated waste and re-allocate resources, if needed, to stay within budget and within the project timeline.

2. Determine Roles and Responsibilities for Recycling Construction Waste

Another important pre-planning step is determining the personnel that will be responsible for recycling the construction waste.

  • Will you outsource to other drivers?
  • Will you assign construction team members to remove the waste?
  • When will the material be removed?

These are key considerations because of the heavy-duty, industrial nature of removing construction waste from a construction site. This large task requires alignment of personnel, vehicles, and timelines to ensure that construction can continue efficiently and on-schedule.

3. Utilize a Transfer Station to Recycle the Construction Waste

Once you determine who will remove the construction waste and when they will remove it, you need to plan for where the waste should be taken. A transfer station is the ideal choice to help your company manage the construction waste.

A transfer station such as ours at Gainsborough Waste will recycle scrap metal, wood, cardboard (OCC), and concrete in an efficient, safe manner at a reasonable price.

The result of strong planning and coordination is completing the transport in a cost-efficient manner and within your timeline to keep the project moving.

Utilize Our Transfer Station in Houston

Our transfer station is centrally located at our facility in Houston, Texas at 950 McCarty Street. If you are not located in or near Houston, consider finding a local transfer station that recycles construction waste.

If your construction site is located in or near Houston, we encourage you to incorporate our transfer station into your plans for recycling construction waste:

  • Weekday service: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Saturday service: 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (closed Sunday)

Be sure to factor in your anticipated construction workflow, the availability of personnel and resources to transport construction waste, and road traffic from your site to our transfer station to ensure your project remains on track to completion.

If you have questions about our transfer station, including costs and working with third-party haulers, please contact us today via our website form, by email at [email protected], or by calling us at 713-999-6178. We look forward to recycling your construction waste.