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Apollo 11 Anniversary: Special Waste Services for NASA Houston

The 50-year anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon mission was a major source of civic pride for Houstonians this year. It was also a source of excitement for our country as a whole.

We were proud to do our part supporting NASA Houston by providing waste services for celebrations and events throughout July.

Portable Restrooms During Apollo 11 Events

During the weeklong celebration of the Apollo 11 mission, our company supported NASA representatives, dignitaries, and event attendees with clean, comfortable portable toilets.

The portable toilets provided by Texas Outhouse were strategically positioned in a parking lot adjacent to the outdoor gathering point.

Accompanying the portable toilets were handwashing stations, which allowed guests to have the same experience and sense of cleanliness as an indoor restroom.

Luxury Event Trailers for Added Comfort

Our company was also honored to provide luxury restroom trailers for dignitaries and other important guests attending the Apollo 11 celebrations throughout the week.

The trailers were provided by our company’s new division, Luxury Event Trailers. Our team proudly created a VIP experience for guests to receive a welcome respite from the hot July sun.

The trailers were also strategically placed in a parking lot adjacent to the outdoor gathering location. We included a single-stall, ADA-compliant trailer in our delivery to ensure that all guests were cared for.

We Are Proud to Support Milestone Event at NASA Houston

Our company is proud to call Houston home. Many of us grew up right here in Houston watching the Apollo 11 mission unfold on our living room televisions in the summer of ‘69.

Now, 50 years later, we were extremely grateful for the opportunity to create a unique, refreshing experience for NASA Houston guests. We look forward to continuing the celebration of the Apollo 11 mission throughout the rest of the year!

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