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Out With The Old, In With The New!

Change. It’s the only constant in life, and 2017 proved to be a year full of changes for Houston and our community at large. And while we pride ourselves on being a conduit of change through the products and services we provide, we realized that 2017 was the perfect time to start making a few changes of our own.

In the way that we communicate with you, the most obvious place to start was with our websites and we’re glad you’re here. We realized there was so much more that we were doing for our customers that wasn’t represented online, so we set out to create new sites for Gainsborough Waste and Texas Outhouse that not only look great, but really represent who we are and why we do what we do!

We encourage you take a tour of each site, and check out all of the new features available to make your next interaction with Gainsborough Waste and Texas Outhouse the best one ever:

  • Usability – The primary focus of our new websites for Gainsborough Waste and Texas Outhouse was to create a user experience that encompasses who we are as companies: functional, efficient and customer-focused.
  • Cross-Functionality – It’s no longer a hassle to navigate between our websites. We wanted to make sure it was easy to be able to get back and forth between each site because so many of our current customers either already use both services, or are interested in both.
  • Responsive Format – We optimized our websites and enhanced the user experience by utilizing a responsive design. All of the information and content you’d find by visiting our websites on a desktop computer are now formatted to be viewed on any device, anywhere.

Although we’ve undergone many changes to make 2018 our best ever, our core values and principles remain the same. We are just as dedicated to serving you as we always have been, and look forward to our continued partnership in 2018 and beyond.