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Our Waste Tips for Successful Event Planning in 2024

2024 is here, bringing to the forefront all those events on your annual event planning calendar. You know all too well that the best way to keep the anxiety of event planning at bay is to be prepared.

The trouble starts when little details fall through the cracks. Finding a way to properly handle waste generated on-site is a good example. But, having a plan for managing waste can help reduce headaches on event day.

Here are some tips for handling bulky waste and other waste that will make your event planning in 2024 a cinch.

4 Waste Tips to Support Event Planning in 2024

Managing waste is a surprisingly important aspect of event planning, even more so with larger or fancier events. Find out how you can streamline the process to ensure the success of your event.

1. Focus on Sustainability

Anyone planning special events knows there will be a lot of waste. But an ongoing interest in the planet’s health is changing how people handle unwanted materials. And since events can produce large volumes of waste, even unintentionally, sustainability is a great thing to focus on in the new year.

2024 will continue this event trend, with event planners wanting to source waste vendors that care about the environment.

Additionally, you will want to think through efforts to reduce the amount of waste your event produces. Food is a good example of something that is often wasted during special events. Cutting down on single-use plastics, using biodegradable containers, or having a plan for excess food are just a few ideas for creating a more sustainable event.

2. Have Enough of What You Need

You could encounter challenges with the venue if you do not have additional waste containers at the event. If guests cannot easily access trash containers, it could be easy for waste to accumulate. You want to ensure there are multiple options that are highly visible throughout the event space.

We can support this need by providing trash/event boxes. You can discuss your needs with one of our waste professionals, who will ensure you have the proper number of boxes ready to be placed in the ideal spots.

Additionally, consider renting a roll-off dumpster or two to make the cleanup effort much simpler. And if you’re worried about having a dumpster on-site, you can place the unit in a discreet location away from the central activity so it does not take away from the guest experience.

3. Have a Team At The Ready

Having a team or even one person responsible for managing the waste can help you handle all aspects of event planning. The team can even help develop a plan for sustainable practices and determine goals for keeping waste under control.

However, dedicating an entire team or even a spare person isn’t always feasible for smaller events, so teaming up with our industry experts is often helpful for event planners. Hiring professionals who can oversee the event’s waste needs will allow you to focus on more important elements.

4. Keep People Informed

Signage can often make a large difference in how waste is managed at your event. Proper signage for garbage and recycling — as well as designating restricted areas to confine litter to specific spots — will allow your guests to participate in a positive event experience. That’s why having well-marked trash boxes on-site is important so visitors know how to sort their waste.

But your guests aren’t the only ones who need the proper information. Anyone else on your team should have a good idea of where to dispose of large, bulky waste generated during event set-up and teardown. They can also direct guests to where to dispose of individual waste. 

Discussing waste beforehand or even performing a waste audit ahead of time could be highly beneficial to ensure that all of your event’s waste is properly managed and contained.

The New Year Spells Success

If you’re involved in event planning in 2024, no matter how big or small, Gainsborough Waste is here to ensure everything goes smoothly. We know the event planning industry and are here to help support your event management needs.

Our team has event-specific services that cater to the needs of event organizers and event professionals. Our team will help take the pressure off you so that you can take care of critical event needs.

Contact us today to schedule event services to support your busy event calendar!