Construction site in Houston, Texas, supported by construction site safety topics related to the management of waste

Make Waste Part of Your Construction Site Safety Topics

One of the most important aspects of construction site management is creating awareness for safety hazards and providing guidance on how to navigate each hazard. If you’re looking for essential construction site safety topics to effectively train your crew, don’t forget about providing training on how to manage waste at the job site!

Waste build-up is one of many risk factors that your team should be aware of when working on the job. For more than 30 years, we have helped construction site managers in the Greater Houston area address their waste needs at the job site to maintain a safe work environment.

Keep reading to learn more about the most important waste hazards to address with your crew and why you should continually review these hazards to protect the safety of your crew throughout the project.

Waste Tips for Construction Site Safety

According to the latest OSHA data, about one-third of injuries that occur on construction sites are due to trips, slips, and falls. As you can imagine, these things happen because of waste, debris, clutter, and liquids that have been left in the pathway of the construction crew.

An important safety training topic is to review the guidelines for immediately removing these items and to prevent waste-related hazards in common workspaces. This will help greatly decrease the potential for accidents that result in injury.

Consider this guidance from OSHA to help shape the delivery of safety training material to the construction crew:

  • Dumpsters and hazardous waste receptacles must be placed in accessible areas.
  • There should never be any large obstructions left in passageways.
  • Passageways should be large enough to allow for safe clearance (and prevention of waste build-up).
  • Every employee should be trained to pick up after themselves, put away their tools when they’re not in use, and dispose of waste in the correct receptacles.

We recommend constantly reviewing waste-related safety training material with your crew, especially for projects of considerable length. As you know, the work crews will change, contractors will come on-site, and closeout crews will arrive at the end of the project. There are many opportunities for miscommunication about managing waste if safety training is not prioritized.

We recommend taking a proactive approach to ensure that everyone is on the same page operating with the same safety mindset throughout the duration of the project.

Working Together To Keep the Construction Site Safe

In addition to supplying your crew with valuable training, you can also support your crew with the appropriate waste disposal resources. Gainsborough Waste is ready to support your construction site with waste services and other valuable tools designed to keep a construction site safe. Consider our comprehensive waste solution:

  • Free Waste Audit Assessment to help you gauge your waste needs for the project.
  • 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard roll-off dumpsters to manage waste during the project.
  • Dumpster delivery and waste removal service on your schedule.
  • Access to our Houston-area Dump Site for on-demand waste removal and disposal.
  • Additional construction safety solutions such as Eyewash Stations, Emergency Showers, and more services delivered through our waste partner, Texas Outhouse.

Construction site safety is just as important to our company as it is for you. We are deeply committed to supporting construction managers in your efforts to maintain a safe workspace through the effective management of waste.

Contact Gainsborough Waste to discover a waste solution that will help keep your construction crew safe while they carry out work at the job site. Call 713-785-8050 today to speak with a helpful member of our team. You can also email [email protected] or complete our contact form to let us know about your latest construction project.