Construction manager looking out for health and safety hazards on a construction site

Manage Waste to Prevent Health and Safety Hazards On A Construction Site

No matter the scope or nature of the job, construction work inherently creates safety hazards for construction crews. But, there is an opportunity to reduce the effects of these hazards. Specifically, keeping waste under control is one of the most important ways you can protect workers and mitigate the risks associated with construction work.

Addressing waste concerns can go a long way toward preventing common health and safety hazards on a construction site. Consider some examples of how taking a proactive approach to waste control will keep your people safe and ensure you meet OSHA requirements.

Common Health And Safety Hazards On A Construction Site

Proper waste handling can help reduce the effects of each of these common situations that impact the health and safety of your construction crew:

1. Slips and Falls. With scaffolding to climb, heavy machinery to utilize, and bulky waste to manage, slips and falls can result in very serious injuries. This is why it’s so essential that waste is kept under control so that walkways are kept clear, messes are cleaned up, equipment and ladders can be utilized without interference, and dangerous holes are visible (and not obstructed by waste).

2. Face and Skin Hazards. Based on the equipment being used and the scope of the project, job site workers may come into contact with gases, fumes, smoke, and other hazardous materials. Keeping waste under control will enable workers to perform dangerous tasks with the full ability to concentrate on what they are doing. Additionally, if hazardous chemicals are being handled, ensure that your team is provided with proper handling and waste disposal practices for these substances.

3. Overwork. When a construction job takes place during difficult outdoor weather conditions — such as the middle of hot Houston summers — it’s essential that workers are provided with ample space for rest and breaks. Construction managers should ensure that common rest areas remain cleared and available for use, not utilized as a place for waste to be tossed to the side. Keeping these areas free from waste will provide your workers with the appropriate amount of recovery space to reduce the likelihood of health and safety concerns while at the job site.

4. Lack of Housekeeping. OSHA has provided a list of housekeeping rules for construction sites. We recommend placing these rules in an accessible and visible location at the job site. The basic concept is that all waste should be immediately disposed of and that workers clean up after themselves.

Passageways must be:

  • Clear of obstructions.
  • Functional and in good repair.
  • Spacious enough to move through.

Job site workers should always:

  • Keep surfaces and stairs clean of debris.
  • Put tools away when they’re not being used.
  • Clean up all messes, not leaving items discarded behind them.
  • Be provided with enough time to efficiently clean up after themselves.

Consider Waste Solutions for the Construction Site

As you can see, managing waste is a critical aspect of reducing health and safety risks on a construction site. Gainsborough Waste provides managers with a comprehensive waste solution to help you keep the construction site safe for your workers. Our recommended construction site services include:

1. Roll-Off Dumpster Rental. One of the best ways to keep your current project safe and up to code is by renting large and mobile dumpsters. Waste will build up quickly, so it’s essential that you have enough easily accessible dumpsters for your team to use. We have 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard roll off dumpsters to support the needs of all projects, no matter the size.

2. Compactors. Save space and money with a waste compactor. This will allow your team to compress large volumes of trash and other bulky waste to prevent waste build-up as the project progresses.

3. Sanitation Solutions. We also offer a variety of sanitation solutions that will help you protect the health of your workers and meet OSHA health standards for the construction site. Through our partnership with Texas Outhouse, we can provide you with:

Contact Us to Discuss a Waste Solution

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Contact Gainsborough Waste today to discuss our construction waste solutions. We’ll work with you to keep your crew safe throughout the duration of the project. Let’s find a solution to keep waste under control and reduce the likelihood of health and safety hazards while your crew is at the job site.

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