A driveway dumpster in use during a new, residential, construction project.

Driveway Dumpsters for DIY Projects

If you’re planning a big do-it-yourself project such as clearing trees from your property, cleaning out your garage or tool shed, or even renovating your kitchen, you need to start planning for a driveway dumpster rental. After all, you should be spending your time working on your project, not driving back and forth to the dump.

While the process of renting and using a rolloff dumpster is pretty straightforward, it can be intimidating for first-timers. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for the DIY weekend warriors who are ready to tackle some bigger jobs.

What to Know First

What size do you need?

Gainsborough Waste offers three sizes of rolloff dumpster for residential use. For smaller jobs and cleanup projects, our 15 cubic yard dumpster might be all you need. However, if you’re cutting down multiple trees (or even one large one), you need to start looking at our 20 and 30 yard models. All of them will fit in a standard home driveway. Tell our customer service representative what kind of job you’re doing, and they’ll be happy to help you out.

Do you need a permit?

As long as you’re not blocking a roadway or other public area, you shouldn’t need a permit from your city. That being said, you might still want to call the permit office and find out if your city has any rules or restrictions about blocking the sidewalk.

Questions and Concerns

What about homeowners associations?

If you’re a member of a homeowners association (HOA), you may need to get their permission to have a visible dumpster on your property. The rules for different HOAs vary wildly. Some will allow driveway dumpsters if they’re gone within a certain amount of time, while others may be far more restrictive.

Will the dumpster damage my driveway?

Our crew will take the utmost care in placing and removing your rolloff dumpster. However, if you’re concerned about the possibility of damage, we recommend putting down some plywood sheets before the service team arrives with your rental.

What about parking?

Even if your dumpster doesn’t take up the entirety of your driveway, you’ll still need to keep the area clear to allow our trucks to service it and eventually haul it away. If your driveway is wide enough to accommodate two cars, you may still be able to park a vehicle next to the dumpster or in your garage.

Advantages of a Driveway Dumpster

Gainsborough Waste will deliver your dumpster, service it on your schedule, and haul it away when you’re finished. Compare that to the added wear and tear on your personal vehicle from hauling multiple loads to the dump, and you’ll quickly see that driveway dumpsters are the way to go.

Schedule Your Rental Today

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