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Concrete Disposal At Our Houston Dump Sites Near You!

If you’re in the construction industry, you know how much waste a job can generate. One of the worst offenders is concrete, which is not only bulky but concrete disposal can be difficult. It’s one of the few materials that becomes waste during both demolition and construction, making its disposal a problem for almost every job. According to the EPA, more than 400 million tons of concrete waste were generated in 2018 alone.

So what’s your best option for proper disposal of concrete waste? Should it go to a landfill? Is there any benefit to recycling it? Read on for tips and information about how best to handle concrete disposal at your next job site.

Can’t You Recycle Concrete?

Concrete waste should never go directly to a landfill if you can avoid it. Recycling concrete is better for the environment, and if you’ve got a good waste disposal partner, more efficient for your company.

There are many uses for recycled concrete, especially if it’s free of contaminants. For example, smaller pieces can be used as gravel for the underlying layer of new road projects. Crushed recycled concrete can be used as the dry aggregate for brand new concrete. Landscapers use recycled concrete as well in everything from benches to patios to garden walls. Recycling concrete is the best solution, but that means you need to avoid taking it directly to the landfill.

Concrete Disposal At The Jobsite

With some preparation, you can make concrete waste disposal quick and easy for your next project. We recommend a 40-yard roll-off dumpster for most jobs involving a good amount of concrete waste. This allows your workers to spend less time breaking down concrete to fit the dumpster and more time finishing the job.

Make sure to only put dry waste in your dumpster, such as wood, cardboard, scrap metal, and of course, concrete. This will help to ensure that you don’t contaminate the materials with substances like oil or other chemicals that could limit the use of the recycled concrete.

Dispose of Concrete At A Dump Site, Not the Landfill

If you’ve rented one of our roll-off dumpsters, your job is practically finished! We make concrete disposal easy. We’ll pick up the dumpster when you’re ready and bring it back to our dumpsite. Alternatively, you can bring your waste directly to our dumpsite in the bed of your truck or on trailers up to 16 feet long.

We’ll take care of the sorting, recycling, and eventual disposal of any non-renewable materials. Meanwhile, you’re free to get back to your job site instead of managing trash and waste or transporting junk. It’s as simple as that.

We’ve been refining our processes over the years, and materials brought into our dumpsite are sorted and when appropriate, sent for recycling. We’re proud to say that less than 25% of all waste materials brought to our dumpsite ever end up in landfills.

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Are you ready to make concrete disposal the easiest part of your job? Take a look at everything our dumpsites offer. With two convenient locations, there’s a site to dump concrete near you. Then, schedule your next dropoff with us for a waste disposal solution that’s not only good for the planet but saves you time and money too.