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A roll-off dumpster in use at a house renovation project for disposal of construction and demolition waste.

Easy Disposal of Construction and Demolition Waste Near You

Finding a place that caters to the disposal of construction and demolition waste can be a tall order. The type of waste these projects produce can range from everyday waste to large bulky waste. Also, construction and demolition debris is usually heavier than other kinds of waste — and there also tends to be a […]

A heavy debris dumpster is being driven to a new location.

What All Can You Put in a Heavy Debris Dumpster?

A heavy debris dumpster can take much of the difficulty out of any project when it comes to disposal. One of these containers can be used to hold mixed heavy debris without the need for additional sorting and handling. If you’re wondering whether a roll-off dumpster is right for your project, you’ll be pleased to […]

Use Gainsborough Waste’s dump site for all your bulky waste disposal needs.

Seeking Bulky Waste Disposal Near You? Use Our Houston Dump Site

Removing large, bulky waste from your property can be a struggle. Even if you have the proper vehicles and help, where are you supposed to take unwanted materials? If you have non-hazardous waste and other bulky items on your property, and you’re in Houston searching for “bulky waste disposal near me,” we encourage you to […]

Gainsborough Waste’s truck scale in Houston at their McCarty Street Dump Site location

Looking for a Reliable Truck Scale in Houston? Use Our Dump Site!

Gainsborough Waste is proud to announce a new truck scale service at our Dump Site facility in Houston. We now offer a full-service, one-stop shop for weighing and dropping off your waste load – no need to take it anywhere else. We provide an easy, convenient process: Weigh your load. Pull your truck forward. Dump […]

The Gainsborough Waste Dump Site now offers air burner services in Houston

New to Our Dump Site: Air Burner Services in Houston

One of the biggest challenges for contractors is finding the best way to remove bulky debris generated when clearing land for new structures. Fortunately, technological advancements have altered the process of burning yard and construction waste. Specifically, an air burner simplifies wood waste clean-up jobs and controls pollution while your waste gets burned. Construction and […]

An aerial view of one of Gainsborough Waste’s Harris County dump site locations

You Don’t Have to Go Far to Find Our Harris County Dump Locations

Gainsborough Waste is prepared and ready to handle your waste at our conveniently located Dump Sites. We have two Harris County dump locations situated at T.C. Jester and I-10 and I-10 and Highway 90. The best part is that we will accept dry construction and demolition waste from both residential and business customers. Are you […]

The Gainsborough Waste Houston Dump Site where you can find commercial dumpster service near me

Find Commercial Dumpster Service Near You at Our Houston Dump Site

If you’re like a lot of Houston area contractors, construction managers, or business managers that need to dispose of a significant amount of waste, you’ve probably looked for answers to a common question of “where to find commercial dumpster service near me.” We’re here to tell you that your search is over! Gainsborough Waste offers […]

Broken tree limbs that need to be tossed in roll-off dumpster available in multiple residential dumpster sizes

Which Residential Dumpster Size is Appropriate For Yards?

You’ve been staring at those overgrown bushes and cracked tree limbs for months. You want to do something about the look of your front yard and backyard, but it’s difficult to find the time and energy for a big yard cleanout project. Suddenly, inspiration strikes. You’re ready. It’s time to clear out the old to […]

How to Dispose of Bricks

If you have a bunch of bricks left over from a home improvement project, construction job, or another type of project, you may be wondering what you should do with these heavy and bulky items. Unless you have some way to repurpose them, you need to figure out how to dispose of bricks quickly and […]

A couple preparing to throw away their old mattress wondering can you put a mattress in a dumpster?

Can You Put a Mattress in a Dumpster?

You’ve likely heard the recommendation that you should purchase a new mattress every 8 years. According to the Sleep Foundation, it’s important to regularly replace your mattress to support the quality of your sleep and improve your overall health. The question is, what should you do with that old mattress? No one wants to keep […]