Waste & Recycling Workers Week is the week of June 17, 2020 by gainsborough waste in houtson, texas.

Waste & Recycling Workers Week: Worthy Recognition For Our Team

This year’s celebration of workers in the waste industry will take on special meaning. Waste & Recycling Workers Week on June 17, 2020, is appropriately three months after our city, state, and country were completely interrupted by the health crisis.

Now that we are in the midst of a transition back to the “new normal” for the waste industry, we can look back on the disruption and gain a healthy perspective on the amazing teamwork that was displayed to keep businesses and communities running during the disruption.

What stands out the most to our company was the sacrificial spirit of our team continuing to perform their duties to support our customers and communities. They took precautions, focused on safety, and met the protocols for safe distancing to look out for the health of others.

This collective commitment to safely helping people and businesses is certainly worthy of recognition this year.

How to Participate in Waste & Recycling Workers Week

During the week of June 17, you have the opportunity to participate in the Waste and Recycling Workers Week Celebration.

  • Were you impacted by a Gainsborough Waste, Texas Outhouse, or Luxury Event Trailers employee during the health disruption?
  • Did one of our team members go the “extra mile” providing services?
  • Is there anyone else that you would like to recognize that has made a difference for your business?

Please let us know! We would like to hear from you.

Additionally, this year’s Waste and Recycling Workers Week Celebration includes additional opportunities to get involved in recognizing workers who continued to provide essential services during this year’s disruption.

  • Print a t-shirt for yourself or your team to celebrate Waste & Recycling Workers Week.
  • Download a printable “thank you” card or create a digital ecard.
  • Change up your company’s social media profiles to say “thank you.”
  • Embed a badge on your company website.

You can also participate in the celebration by spreading information to your team, colleagues, and even family members about this year’s safety initiative.

Waste & Recycling Workers Week is supporting the safety initiative, “Slow Down to Get Around” (SDTGA) that aims to reduce the risk of accidents involving waste and recycling vehicles. The goal is to remind motorists to drive with extra caution when encountering waste vehicle drivers on the road.

When everyone works together to safely share the road — especially during this transition period of more drivers on the road as we collectively return to our routines — we can avoid safety issues and keep everyone safe on the road.

Join Us in Celebrating Waste & Recycling Workers

Providing waste and recycling services is often a thankless job. But, this year is our opportunity to truly show appreciation for workers who braved the health crisis to continue providing services.

Whether it’s taking action with your team or simply spreading the word about safe driving when near waste vehicles, we appreciate your involvement.

We look forward to recognizing our amazing workers and our company’s collective teamwork the week of June 17. Please join us in this celebration!