Gainsborough Waste dump site in Houston, Texas certified to handle construction and demolition waste by gainsborough waste in houston, texas.

10 Reasons to Use a Dump Site in Houston

A dump site is incredibly valuable to help construction managers, general contractors, and businesses remove accumulated waste from the job site. But, you don’t have to be a construction supervisor or contractor to use a dump site. Do-it-yourself’ers and residents in the Greater Houston area can also take waste to a dump place to keep the project moving.

At Gainsborough Waste, we offer two Dump Site locations in Houston to help professionals and individuals remove their waste. Simply call ahead to 713-785-8050 to schedule delivery, bring your waste in a truck bed or trailer (12’, 14’, or 16’), and we’ll handle the rest.

Common Reasons Why You Should Use a Dump Site in Houston

Consider these 10 reasons to schedule delivery of construction, demolition, and other solid (dry) waste at one of our Dump Site locations in Houston.

1. Construction Resource Restraints

Life as a construction manager or contractor can be challenging. Changes in timelines or budgets, a lack of workers to perform the work, and other unanticipated challenges can create constraints at the job site. Don’t let waste pile up at the job site and inhibit progress. You can load up a truck bed or trailer at the end of the day and bring your construction and demolition waste to our Dump Site. We’ll handle the rest so that you can focus on supervising the job.

2. Business or Residential Remodeling

Remodeling projects produce a significant amount of waste. We are approved by the state of Texas to handle scrap metal, wood, concrete, and related debris at our Dump Site. For both professionals and individuals working through remodeling projects, we can handle the waste at our Dump Site so that you can stay focused on the daily requirements for your job or project.

3. Tearing Up Concrete

– For professionals, the demolition aspect of your construction project may include tearing up a significant amount of concrete before you can start the actual construction. We can handle all of that concrete at our dump site. Load it up in a truck bed or trailer and bring it to our Dump Site so that you can expedite the construction timeline.

– For individuals, perhaps you bought a new house, are remodeling your current house, or want to reconfigure your frontyard or backyard. There could be a significant amount of concrete that needs to be broken up and removed. After tearing it up, load the pieces in your truck or a trailer and bring it to our Dump Site to support the removal of concrete from your location.

4. Reconfiguring a Business or Public Space

The pandemic introduced a host of new needs for businesses to use their physical space differently. Restaurants need to reconfigure their space for curbside pick-up, healthcare service locations need to be able to serve patients differently, and even large public spaces such as malls need to re-purpose certain areas of their property.

If your company has been contracted to provide specific services, you may need a place to take the accumulated waste that is part of your project. Your team can load up the waste in a trailer and bring it to our location. We’ll handle the rest so that you can continue providing services.

5. Cleaning Out the Garage or Attic

Have a lot of junk in your storage space? If you’re a resident in Houston looking to clean out your garage or attic, you have the opportunity to bring solid (dry) waste to our Dump Site. Don’t let the waste sit in your driveway or on the side of your house. Simply load up your truck bed or a trailer with the waste and bring it to our location.

6. Moving to a New Business or Residential Location

If you are in the process of moving to another location, you will likely find that you don’t need a certain amount of the items at your new space. And, if you don’t want to store these items because you don’t think you will need them again, you could permanently remove them from your possession. During the process of packing and moving, consider re-directing some of your unwanted solid waste to our Dump Site to lighten your load.

7. Supporting a One-Off Project

For both professionals and individuals, you may be involved in a one-off or one-day construction or demolition project. Perhaps you are supporting a charity, helping with a big clean-up project, or performing another type of service that will only take one day. At the end of the project, you can load up a truck bed or trailer with the accumulated construction and demolition waste and bring the waste to our Dump Site.

8. Ensuring Proper Recycling

We proudly work with Houston businesses and residents that are concerned about recycling construction and demolition waste. All clean wood that we receive at our Dump Site is transferred to a mulch facility for recycling. The remaining material is taken to a Type IV landfill.

Our efficient and repeatable process ensures that, on average, only 25 percent of the material that comes to our Dump Site ends up in a landfill. We’ll properly handle your C&D waste in a responsible manner to do our part in protecting the environment in Houston.

9. Event Waste Cleanup

Tearing down an event will produce an unexpected amount of waste. The person, business, or another party that is responsible for clean-up and waste removal will need a place to take solid waste after the event is over. Consider calling ahead to schedule waste delivery to our Dump Site so that you can meet important timelines moving out of the event location.

10. Roadside Cleanup Project

We know in Houston that weather events can greatly impact our city. If you are out on the road loading debris into trucks and/or trailers, consider using our Dump Site to take the waste once your trucks and trailers are full. We will gladly work with you to support your efforts cleaning up roadside debris and clearing waste from public roads.

Call Ahead to Schedule Delivery to Our Dump Site

Every project, need, timeline, and budget is different for construction, demolition, and waste projects in Houston. When you call to schedule delivery, our expert Customer Care team will work with you to ensure that your needs are met. Plus, ask about receiving $25 off the price of your first use of our Dump Site.

When you are ready to schedule delivery, or if you would simply like to find out more about how our Dump Site works, call us right away at 713-785-8050. You can also email [email protected] or complete our contact form for prompt service. We look forward to serving your needs!