The Gainsborough Waste Dump Site now offers air burner services in Houston

New to Our Dump Site: Air Burner Services in Houston

One of the biggest challenges for contractors is finding the best way to remove bulky debris generated when clearing land for new structures. Fortunately, technological advancements have altered the process of burning yard and construction waste.

Specifically, an air burner simplifies wood waste clean-up jobs and controls pollution while your waste gets burned. Construction and landscaping companies in the Greater Houston area may especially find an air burner beneficial to support their projects.

At Gainsborough Waste, we can help by providing you with access to air burner services at our Dump Site. For your next project, here’s why we think should consider using an air burner in Houston.

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What Is an Air Burner?

Air burners, sometimes called trench burners or air curtain burners, use advanced technology to burn wood waste more efficiently. These machines are mobile, efficient, and available in a few different models to support the needs of landscapers and construction companies.

They work by using an accelerant to start a fire inside the machine. After about 15-20 minutes, the air curtain gets engaged. This part of the equipment uses a steady stream of air to direct smoke back toward the fire.

The fire then burns a second time, reducing the amount of harmful matter released. Because the airflow is controlled, the fire burns more thoroughly, efficiently, and steadily, producing less pollution.

Benefits of Using an Air Burner over Conventional Methods

Conventional disposal methods, like pile burning, will work to reduce your wood waste. However, they have their limitations, making air burners far more beneficial.

1. Air Burners Produce Biochar that Enriches the Soil

The ash and wood bunks that did not combust collect in the burn chamber as wood waste burns in an air burner. Because they were starved for oxygen, the process of pyrolysis is triggered, releasing a carbon-based substance called biochar. It’s a byproduct of the massive amounts of wood waste burned cleanly and efficiently.

Biochar can be mixed into the soil, enriching it and increasing its ability to retain nutrients and water. Because biochar-enriched soil is healthier, it is better for growing crops. This factor makes biochar in high demand, and it can be sold to the market for profit.

2. Air Burners Burn Waste Quickly

When an air curtain burner is used, fire temperatures can reach 2,000°F or higher. These higher temperatures and an over-oxygenated fire help the debris burn faster and cleaner.

For example, an air burner can burn 20 tons of wood waste in a few hours, releasing hardly any visible smoke. In contrast, 20 tons of wood waste can take nearly 48 hours to burn completely in an open pile, while filling the air with smoke.

3. Safe to Use in a Wide Range of Weather Conditions

The success of burning an open pile of wood waste depends on the weather. Open burning may create a higher fire risk on windy days, delaying your wood waste disposal. But when you use an air burner, the fire is contained, making weather a less crucial factor.

Reserve Your Air Burner in Houston from Gainsborough Waste

If you’re new to using air burners, there’s no need to worry. Gainsborough Waste can handle all of your air burning needs in Houston. With our air burner service, we can process the following items:

  • Lumber
  • Wooden spools
  • Tree root balls
  • Tree stumps
  • Land cleaning waste
  • Landscaping waste

Our method for eliminating debris is both economical and environmentally friendly. To reserve a slot at our Dump Site to use our air burner, contact Gainsborough Waste today! Our friendly, local team will provide you with the information you need to get set up. Call us today at 713- 785-8050 to use our services.