Construction waste at a construction site that is ready to be taken for recycling.

How to Recycle Construction Waste

Wondering whether or not you can recycle construction waste? Depending on the materials, you absolutely can. In fact, we encourage you to recycle as much of your construction debris as possible. Not only is doing so better for the environment, but it can also reduce the overall cost of the job. With the right approach and resources, you won’t have to manage that excess waste during or after the job is done, allowing for more profit to be collected. Keep reading to learn how to recycle construction waste and how we can help!

Tips & Best Practices

Construction waste is responsible for nearly one-third of all refuse nationwide. Your effort to recycle your debris helps to reduce the negative impact the industry is having on the environment. Yet it’s important that you know what and how to recycle, otherwise your efforts will be pointless. If there are traces of materials that cannot be recycled, everything will automatically be taken to the landfill.

What Construction Materials Can Be Recycled

  • Plastic crates or containers, bags, and sheets that are in reusable condition.
  • Windows, doors, and roofing that can be reused for other buildings.
  • Lumber and wood that is in good condition or can be reused for mulch or biomass fuel.
  • Cardboard and paper that is dry.
  • Trees and other vegetation that can be replanted or used for biomass fuel.
  • Metals that can be used for smelting or turned into something else.
  • Appliances and fixtures, like sinks and baths.
  • Masonry that can be repurposed for other structures or road bases.

How to Recycle Them

  • Practice deconstruction instead of demolition, separating items out wherever you can.
  • Find a use for the materials within your current project by building them back into a new structure.
  • Save the materials and use them in a future project down the line.
  • Locate a local dumpsite that offers sorting and recycling services.



If you want to recycle construction waste but still need to build the protocols, that task can feel daunting. Know that there are businesses specifically focused on supporting construction waste recycling. With the right support, you’ll have it figured out in no time. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions. Here are some that we get pretty often:

Can you put construction recycling and trash on the curb?

Most cities don’t allow for construction waste to be picked up curbside because it’s so big and bulky. Check your local recycling rules and regulations by visiting your city or county’s main website.

Should I rent a dumpster and will the waste be recycled if I do?

Dumpster rental is a great time and money saver because you don’t have to drive back and forth to the dumpsite. Some companies offer separate bins for waste and recycling, while others offer the option to sort the debris for you after. Ask the waste company about their recycling options for construction waste when you order your dumpster so you can be sure you’re throwing away as little as possible.

Can I donate furniture and other old fixtures somewhere?

There are many local charities that are always looking for reusable household options. See if you have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore nearby. Companies like Goodwill also usually accept furniture.

What does “deconstruction” mean and how do I do it?

Deconstruction refers to the dismantling of pieces that are collected from a home or building with parts that can be reused in another way.

We Recycle Construction Waste

The Gainsborough Waste Dump Sites in Texas can receive construction waste and then handle the recycling for you. Recycle construction waste easily by simply transporting all of your waste to our dumpsite and we will take care of the sorting. We have two locations in Houston in the 77007 and 77029 area codes. Call ahead to schedule your waste delivery and we will handle everything else so you can return to your project or job!

Learn more about how to use our dumpsite here.