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We provide the optimal waste services to support your job — whether roll off dumpsters, compactors, hauling, or other critical services. Our industry-leading fleet of service providers are ready to mobilize from our central location in Houston.


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Drop, Swap

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Efficient, dependable, prompt and reliable are the words our customers use to describe Gainsborough Waste.  Our Drop, Swap & Roll program was created to ensure that the experience of working with Gainsborough Waste would turn first-time buyers into lifelong, satisfied customers.

Drop, Swap & Roll is a multi-step service program that builds discipline into our everyday operations to generate a customer experience that is efficient, repeatable and predictable.  This ongoing, clear and straightforward approach allows us to anticipate your waste needs so that the stress and hassle often associated with this responsibility is virtually non-existent.


“The word I would use to describe Gainsborough Waste is reliable. The way we look at it, if we don’t have any problems, we don’t notice them. And we don’t notice them very often.”

“I continue to use Gainsborough Waste because of my salesperson. He’s awesome. Whenever I have an issue, he answers me very quickly. You just can’t beat that service.”

“Gainsborough Waste is family owned, and I really think this is their strength. They are very focused on each individual job and on the customer service that they provide.”
“Customer Service at Gainsborough Waste is great! They are responsive and address any potential issues quickly. Their clear communication and problem solving is second to none.”

Do You Need a Portable Toilet Solution?

Texas Outhouse is Houston’s leader in portable toilets solutions. From the smallest new home jobsite to the largest commercial building project we have the most extensive selection of portable toilet options to meet your unique needs.

We offer a variety of portable toilets, handwashing stations, sanitizer units and restroom and shower trailers to choose from, as well as the fastest turnaround time in Houston.

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