Air burner at the Gainsborough Waste dump site

Find an Air Burner to Handle Landscaping Project Waste

Companies that handle a large volume of landscaping waste need a reliable place to take their materials after the job is done.

Unfortunately, many companies search all over Houston for a place to take materials. Sometimes, you even have to drop off waste at two separate locations, eating up precious time. If only you could find an air burner.

Good news: you can find access to an air burner at the Gainsborough Waste Dump Site. Our air burner is ready to handle large volumes of landscaping waste produced at your job site.

Are you wondering what an air burner is and why you should use this piece of heavy-duty equipment? Let’s dive into how we can support your company’s needs at our facility.

What Is an Air Burner?

First, we will cover the basics of how an air burner works.

Air burners allow waste, like wood items or landscaping waste, to burn clean rather than spilling smoke into the open air. This unique equipment traps the smoke that typically goes into the atmosphere when you burn wood. It can then “re-burn” the smoke particles, lowering the environmental impact of burning landscaping waste.

The burner uses an “air curtain” – or a steady stream of air – to push the smoke back down into the flames. The air curtain burner breaks the particles down into acceptable sizes following U.S. EPA guidelines.

About the Gainsborough Waste Air Burner

We operate a state-of-the-art air burner at our facility in Houston. Consider the following details about the air burner we use to understand how it can benefit your company.

What Objects Can the Air Burner Process?

We recommend using the air burner to manage the following types of landscaping materials:

  • Landscape waste
  • Tree root balls
  • Tree stumps
  • Land clearing waste
  • Vegetative waste
  • Wood waste

This equipment is perfect for professional landscapers or companies offering tree removal services. If you want to confirm if your waste is compatible with an air burner, please call us for more information.

How Can You Use the Air Burner?

Gainsborough Waste’s Dump Site is appointment-only.

  • Call us to schedule a drop-off time that works for you.
  • Complete the payment process to use our air burner.
  • Remove your air burner-friendly waste at our Dump Site.
  • We handle the air-burning process.
  • You are prepared to return to the job site or start the next job.

Instead of worrying about chopping up wood or other large pieces of debris, you can rely on our equipment. The air burner makes short work of even the biggest waste pieces. As long as the items fit in the top, they’re good to be processed.

Why Use an Air Burner?

We encourage companies to use our air burner for a number of reasons. One of the primary reasons is for environmental purposes.

Burning landscaping waste in the open sends particulate matter into the air, even if it’s a controlled burn. The result of trying an open-burning process is the production of black carbon. This specific carbon is a known pollutant.

When you work with Gainsborough Waste, you are taking the appropriate steps to protect people and communities in our local areas. Our air burner is designed to handle landscaping waste in an environmentally-friendly manner.

We’re also dedicated to taking any clean wood to mulching facilities, so only one-fourth of the wood we take in ends up in a landfill. Fortunately, air burners keep even more waste from ever seeing a landfill.

Large landscape waste that the air burner could process takes up a lot of space in a landfill, compounding an already snowballing problem. Ensure you are doing your part by using our facilities to stay clean and green.

Your Destination for Landscaping Project Waste Drop Offs

The Gainsborough Waste air burner at 950 McCarty Street is waiting for you whenever you need it.

We’re one of the top destinations in Houston for handling industrial waste, and we would like to show you why landscaping companies can rely on us to handle their waste needs.

When you’re ready to get back more time disposing of landscaping waste, reach out to us to use our equipment. We make it easy to get the job done.

Give us a call today at 713-785-8050 to schedule a designated time to drop off large volumes of landscaping waste from your job sites.