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Why Do Construction & Demolition Sites Need Professional Dumpster Service?

There is no denying that waste can accumulate quickly when working on a construction and demolition site.

As a supervisor or manager for the project, it is your duty to ensure that waste is disposed of in a safe and efficient manner. Failing to do so can lead to backed-up waste on the job site, trouble meeting construction deadlines, and safety hazards that lead to OSHA violations.

All of these issues can be easily avoided by using a professional waste service provider.

Maintaining an Organized Work Site

A construction or demolition site accumulates waste such as piles of cardboard, glass, brick, and concrete, which can get in the way of production and risk injury to your team.

Using a dumpster from a professional service provider is an easily-accessible solution to ensure the workspace is kept clutter-free and all parties remain safe.

A clean site also allows you to see progress more clearly. This allows you to properly view how far along your team is, when you can anticipate finalizing the project, and whether you will be able to meet the scheduled deadline.

Avoiding OSHA Violations and Fines

As you are aware, OSHA has a set of construction safety standards. You want to be sure that you are aware of the standards, adhere to the standards, and take steps to align your site with the stands to prevent fines and violations upon inspection.

As much as fines aren’t good for business, these rules are also in place to keep your team and environment in a safe condition. Accidents can happen easily on a construction site, leading to injury or worse. Taking the proper precautions will limit the probability of such accidents greatly.

Working with a professional waste service provider such as Gainsborough Waste ensures that safety standards are upheld on the job site when utilizing roll-off dumpsters.

We focus on safety training for each of our service team members to meet OSHA and DOT requirements:

  • DOT training for all waste removal and roll-off dumpster drivers.
  • Requirement to review updated OSHA statistics as part of continuing training.
  • All drivers complete the Smith System Driver Certification Program.

Environmental Care

Another important reason to utilize professional dumpster service on a construction and demolition site is to help address environmental issues — for the health of your team, the people and workplaces near the construction site, and the overall environment.

The waste produced on a construction site not only has the potential of harming your team, but can damage the environment and local community if not handled properly. A roll-off dumpster provides a designation location to remove potentially harmful waste and keep the waste secured.

Options for All of Your Needs

Gainsborough Waste provides different sizes of roll-off dumpsters to accommodate every size and type of project. Choose from a 20, 30, or 40-yard roll-off dumpster — the largest size accommodating large-scale commercial builds, industrial waste removal, and massive demolition projects.

Contact us today to schedule professional dumpster service for a construction or demolition site that you are managing. We have you covered with 24/7 customer service, 99 percent same-day service rate, and an industry-leading fleet of roll-off dumpsters to support your project.