3 Reasons to Use Temporary Fencing at Your Construction Site

Temporary fencing is one of the necessary elements of a construction job site. Consider these three main reasons why need temporary fencing to support the integrity of the job site:

  • Safety: OSHA requirement
  • Barrier: Indicates restricted area
  • Containment: Keeps materials on-site

Use Temporary Fencing to Align with OSHA Requirements

The primary reason why you should use temporary fencing at construction jobs is to protect the safety of construction workers and other personnel who perform work at the location.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provided guidance on the safety standards for signs, signals, and barricades that should be used at construction sites to protect construction employees from injuries and traffic hazards. Included are standards for temporary fencing.

Essentially, temporary fencing should be sturdy, securely fastened together with the correct parts, at least six feet tall, and routinely checked to verify stability.

If you include a temporary fence wrap, windscreen, or privacy screen around the fence, you should also routinely check the integrity of the wrap to ensure it has maintained its condition after prolonged exposure to weather conditions.

Use Temporary Fencing to Create a Visual Barrier

Temporary fencing indicates to the general public that construction work is ongoing. This is important for many reasons:

  • Protects drivers or pedestrians from entering the construction site
  • Allows construction workers to perform the work without fear of injuring laypeople
  • Helps prevent traffic build-up if a motorist accidentally approaches the construction site
  • Creates a pathway for construction workers and other service personnel to safely enter
  • Communicates the presence of construction work to police, fire, and other officials

Overall, a visual barrier communicates the right message to the public, creates safe entry and exit points, and helps maintain the flow of traffic on nearby roads.

Use Temporary Fencing to Maintain Materials

A third important reason to use temporary fencing at the construction site is to create a barrier for the construction materials.

Temporary fencing can help prevent trash, packaging, industrial wrapping, and small pieces of construction debris from escaping the construction site.

These materials could collect or pile up on nearby streets, creating a health risk. The materials could also fly into the air, causing distractions for nearby drivers or injury to pedestrians.

Regardless, your company could be at risk for a costly fine or a temporary shutdown if cited for not controlling the construction site.

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