Our Company Proud to Work With Brand Junkie

Gainsborough Waste and Texas Outhouse are proud of our working partnership with Brand Junkie to provide official company merchandise.

Brand Junkie has taken our company logos and branding to create amazing products such as hats, shirts, pens, bags, jackets, vests, and other embroidered items and wearables.

The items have served a dual purpose to support our company’s growing needs.

Brand Junkie Supports Internal and External Purposes

Internally, our staff, workers, and sales team members proudly wear official company merchandise every day to work. It has created a sense of team unity and excitement, increasing our collective productivity.

Externally, our sales team members take embroidered items to sales meetings and proudly present the official items to prospects. This has created great conversation to support the sales process.

“When our sales team goes out to see a prospect or a client, we like to take imprinted pens, hats, and shirts to give them to our clients. We also like for our sales team to wear embroidered items,” says Larry Wheeler, Revenue Manager and Sales Team manager.

Customer Support an Added Bonus

In a large city like Houston, we could have selected from any number of vendors. In our experience, what separated Brand Junkie was their responsiveness and customer service capabilities.

When we run low on supplies or need to place a custom order for a specific purpose, the Brand Junkie team is quick to respond and fulfill the order.

“Dale Byars (at Brand Junkie) is very good about special orders such as devising hats for us that are out of the scope of what we normally do,” says Jennifer Goudeau, Major Account Representative. “She is very good about offering ideas and solutions for something that is special and outside of our logo.”

Texas Outhouse Testimonial – Brand Junkie

We are grateful for our long-term relationship with Brand Junkie and look forward to continuing the partnership to support our regular and special orders.

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