How to Dispose of Bricks

If you have a bunch of bricks left over from a home improvement project, construction job, or another type of project, you may be wondering what you should do with these heavy and bulky items. Unless you have some way to repurpose them, you need to figure out how to dispose of bricks quickly and efficiently.


Whether you’re a construction contractor coping with massive piles of unneeded bricks or a homeowner with piles of cracked, broken pieces from DIY projects, figuring out what to do with bricks can be daunting.


You want to dispose of bricks properly, of course, but you don’t want to jump through a bunch of hoops to do so. Thanks to Gainsborough Waste, you don’t have to worry about that. Find out how we make it easy for residents, business owners, and contractors in the Greater Houston area to take care of their pile of bricks following a project.

Disposal Options in Houston for Unneeded Bricks

First, determine your starting point for removing bricks from the property. Once the job is done – or near completion – perform an assessment of how many bricks you have and their overall condition. Then, you can start thinking about what to do with the bricks on hand. Some of the best ways to dispose of bricks include the following:

1. Sell them or give them away. If the bricks are in good condition, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone to take them off your hands. Whether you want to make a few bucks or just want them gone as quickly as possible, you can list them on local online marketplaces and locate willing takers.

2. Take them to a local recycling center. If the bricks are cracked, smashed, falling apart, or otherwise in bad shape, you can take them to a local recycling center in Houston. The City of Houston operates several Neighborhood Depository & Recycle Centers. Most will accept used, broken bricks. It’s a good idea to call ahead, though, and make sure the recycling center nearest you will accept brick.

3. Let Gainsborough Waste handle large quantities. If you have large quantities of damaged, unusable bricks to get rid of, Gainsborough Waste is here to help. Find out more about how we make it as easy as possible to remove heavy bricks from your location.

Options for Disposing of Bricks Through Gainsborough Waste

If you’re looking for a convenient, cost-effective way to dispose of large quantities of bricks in the Greater Houston area, Gainsborough Waste has you covered. Our two Dump Sites accept construction debris, including bricks. Or, you can rent a Roll-off Dumpster from us.

1. Drop Off Old Bricks with Your Truck or Trailer

Our centrally located Type V Dump Sites accept C&D dry waste, including old bricks. Once you drop off your load of bricks at our Dump Site, we handle the rest, including recycling as much as we can, depending on the condition of the bricks.

We will receive your bricks (and other unneeded construction project waste) at one of our locations. All you have to do is bring the bricks to our location in the back of a pickup truck or in a 12, 14′, or 16′ trailer. Just call ahead at 713-785-8050 to schedule a drop-off time.

Both of our sites accept bricks for recycling and offer easy in-and-out service. As you will note from our fee schedule, we offer cost-effective disposal options:

  • $60 per pickup truck bed
  • $145 per 12′ trailer
  • $165 per 14′ trailer
  • $185 per 16′ trailer

Please note that whether you use your truck or a trailer, we ask that you unload the materials from your vehicle. We will then handle the rest so that you can get back to your job.

2. Rent a Dumpster to Dispose of Bricks

If you have a large number of bricks and no convenient way to transport them to our Dump Site, then consider renting one of our roll-off dumpsters! We’ll deliver a container to your location that can be used to hold all of the bricks for your project.

Consider our roll-off dumpster sizes that are sure to help you get the job done:

Not sure what size dumpster you need? Our team of experts can help you make an informed decision. We’ll take into account your budget, timeline, and project needs to provide you with a quality rental for your location.

Dispose of Bricks in Greater Houston with Gainsborough Waste

Gainsborough Waste is pleased to offer an array of disposal options for unneeded bricks to residents and business customers in the Greater Houston area. If you need to remove bricks from your location, contact us today to discuss disposal options.

Give us a call at 713-785-8050 to schedule a drop-off time at our Dump Site or to rent a Roll-off Dumpster. Or, you can contact us through our website contact form or send us an email at [email protected] to get started!